How to Use This Wiki

The CS 348b site runs on the DokuWiki system; consult their documentation/help pages for most general usage questions.

Wiki Syntax

A helpful guide to DokuWiki syntax is located here.

This site uses the MathJax plugin to render LaTeX. tl;dr – if you'd like to use LaTeX in your comments/assignment pages, surround your text with either \$ for inline math or \$$ for block display math.


There are two options for setting the avatar that displays next to your comments:

  1. If you have a Gravatar profile, and the email address in your user profile matches your Gravatar email address, the comment system should automatically pick this up. You can edit your user profile via “Tools → Update Profile.”
  2. Upload an image named ”<yourusername>.{jpg|png}” to the “user” namespace. You can upload files via “Tools → Media Manager.”