CS 348b: Image Synthesis

Image Credits: French Bread: Alexis Haraux; Space Art: Josh Parnell; Candles: Ben Mildenhall

This course provides a broad overview of the theory and practice of rendering. This course will both cover classic rendering algorithms like Reyes as well as the state of the art in ray tracing and physically-based rendering.

Policies, Logistics, and Details

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When We Meet

Tues/Thurs 12:50 - 2:05pm
Mitchell B67
Instructor: Matt Pharr
Teaching Assistant: Daniel Ritchie

Class Schedule

Apr 1: Introduction
Apr 3: The Reyes Rendering Algorithm
Apr 8: High-Quality 2D Rasterization
Apr 10: Rasterizing Blurry Things

Apr 15: Ray Tracing Basics
Apr 17: Ray Tracing Intersection Acceleration
Apr 22: SIMD Parallelism for Rendering

Apr 24: High Performance Ray Tracing
Apr 29: Radiometry and Cameras
May 1: Sampling and Reconstruction
May 6: Monte Carlo Integration

May 8: Low Discrepancy Sampling
May 13: Surface Reflection I
May 15: Surface Reflection II
May 20: Direct Illumination

May 22: Guest Lecture: Christophe Héry and Ryusuke Villemin (Pixar)
May 27: Global Illumination and Path Tracing

  • Assignment 4 due
  • Final project proposal due

May 29: Bidirectional Light Transport and Photon Mapping
June 3: Volumetric Light Transport

June 10: Rendering Competition (7-10pm)

Assignments and Projects


Assignment 1 (motion blur rasterizer)
Assignment 2 (LBVH construction)
Assignment 3 (Realistic cameras)
Assignment 4 (Sampling efficiency)
Final Project