Image Synthesis (Stanford cs348b)

Image Credits: Cherry Pie: Luke Anderson, Kate Swanson, Nora Willett; French Bread: Alexis Haraux; Citrus Marmalade: Sonny Chan, Phaedon Sinis.

This course provides a broad overview of the theory and practice of rendering. This course will both cover classic rendering algorithms like Reyes as well as the state of the art in ray tracing and physically-based rendering.

When We Meet
Tues/Thurs 12:50 - 2:05pm
Gates Hall B12
Instructor: Matt Pharr
Teaching Assistant: Zach DeVito
Spring 2013 Schedule
Apr 2
Apr 4
Apr 9
Apr 11
Assignment 1 out
Apr 16
Apr 18
Apr 23
Apr 25
Assignment 1 due
Assignment 2 out
Apr 30
May 2
May 7
Assignment 2 due
Assignment 3 out
May 9
May 14
May 16
May 21
Assignment 3 due
Assignment 4 out
May 23
Guest Lecture: Marcos Fajardo
May 28
Assignment 4 due
Final project proposal due
May 30
June 4
June 11
Rendering Competition
3-6pm, Gates 104
June 12
Final Project Writeup Due
Assignments and Projects
due Apr 25 Assignment 1: Motion-Blur Rasterization
due May 7Assignment 2: Memory-Efficient Ray Tracing
due May 21Assignment 3: Simulating Camera Lenses
due May 28Assignment 4: Sampling
 Final Project
Proposal due May 28, presentation June 11 3-6pm Gates 104, final writeup due June 12.

Special thanks to Kayvon Fatahalian for the template for the course website as well to as Google, Inc., for their support.